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  • I hate to reply to myself, but after a bit more research, I think that the wrong resistor was mounted to this board. The data sheet says that it should be two 500uOhm resistors, not two 001M (1mOhm) resistors for the 90A version. Mine one clearly had two 001M resistors. Could this be the problem? EDIT: Just realized these are in parallel, whereas there is only the one on the 45A boards, and 4 on the 180A boards.

  • I've just had one of these blow up on me when drawing around 30A @ 48 Volts. From the looks of it, the traces on both shunt resistors. What I don't understand is how those traces are supposed to be able to handle up to 89.4 Amps @ 51.8 Volts. Is there a power rating that isn't listed for these that I've gone over? Seems like an awfully large amount of current for such small traces.

  • I recently got one of these and I've noticed that the screen for me seems to be perpetually scrolling to the left, regardless of the position I direct the cursor, almost like the buffer on the SerialLCD is overrunning for some reason? I've used the second tutorial on the quickstart guide, and the RPM and TEMP lines will scroll right to left, disappear for a few refreshes and then appear again to scroll right to left. Has someone else experienced this?

    EDIT: Nevermind, powercycling the Arduino and LCD fixed the issue. Seemed to be a first boot issue.

  • Hello, I'm currently trying to optoisolate an Arducam from my APM 2.5 (over 5V serial). Has someone got an example diagram on how to use this to optoisolate 5V serial from an arduino/APM2.5?

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