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  • A pretty good product. I bought it mainly because it had analog outputs, the lack of which I've always found to be a significant limitation on the other Arduino models.

    However, users should be aware that the analog output does not span the range from 0 mV to 3.3 mV. It cuts off the bottom 1/6 and the top 1/6. That is, the true analog output range is between 0.55 mV and 2.75 mV.

    The documentation does not highlight this point, but it should. After buying the Due, I was unpleasantly surprised to find this out.

  • This doesn't fit on the Arduino Uno. The USB connector prevents the shield from sitting evenly on the Arduino, making some of the connections bad. Not a good product. I wouldn't recommend buying this.

  • These pads draw 0.7A at 5V. I think a 9V battery would be depleted rather quickly (~1 h).

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