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  • Not the OP, but let me reply:

    (1) A version of 4.0 with headers already attached will probably soon be available, and I hope it's soon. Some of us hate having to solder headers (as one gets older, focusing at short distances gets harder).

    (2) A bigger thing is adding proper DAC to the 4.0. Yes, the 3.6 has DAC, but it looks like the 4.0 doesn't. PWM isn't quite the same thing. I'd be interested if anybody had thoughts on how best to add DAC to the 4.0.

  • A pretty good product. I bought it mainly because it had analog outputs, the lack of which I've always found to be a significant limitation on the other Arduino models.

    However, users should be aware that the analog output does not span the range from 0 mV to 3.3 mV. It cuts off the bottom 1/6 and the top 1/6. That is, the true analog output range is between 0.55 mV and 2.75 mV.

    The documentation does not highlight this point, but it should. After buying the Due, I was unpleasantly surprised to find this out.

  • This doesn't fit on the Arduino Uno. The USB connector prevents the shield from sitting evenly on the Arduino, making some of the connections bad. Not a good product. I wouldn't recommend buying this.

  • These pads draw 0.7A at 5V. I think a 9V battery would be depleted rather quickly (~1 h).

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