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  • I’m reading over the data sheet and maybe I’m missing something, but my understanding is that when a packet comes in it triggers an interrupt, at which point you can ask what pipe the received packet is for, and start reading the payload over SPI, however it goes on to say you should clear the interrupt and repeating reading the RX FIFO until it’s empty, saying nothing about waiting for another interrupt. Wouldn’t this make it imposable to know what pipe that data was for? Since you can’t trust the pipe info in the status register except on the high to low transition of a interrupt.

    If I just pop a payload every RX_DR (rx data ready) then what is the point of having a FIFO at all?

  • I love these little guys.

  • Hey, that’s exactly what I ended up buying :)

  • Suddenly the plot of Gravity makes sense.

  • I ended up just throwing a power connection on each end and feeding it from a 20A (overkill) 5v supply.

  • Throw it on the next gen redboards.

  • Ok what is like the best way to power these things.

  • But is it a Turing Machine?

  • Ok sweet. I was considering buying these last night, but the thought of 18A scares me a little. I don’t want to blow out a $100 part.

  • So with all of these set to full on all 3 channels each segment is pulling 60mA. This means that the strip is pulling 5m * 60 segments per meter * .06A, this is 18A. What is the best way to power these things?

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