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  • I'm trying to do just the same. So far my code looks like this:

    float altitude;
    float prevAltitude = 0;
    float verticalSpeed = 0;
    void loop()
      float pressure = bmp085GetPressure(bmp085ReadUP());
      altitude = calcAltitude(pressure); //Uncompensated caculation - in Meters 
      verticalSpeed = prevAltitude - altitude;
      prevAltitude = altitude;
      Serial.print("Altitude: "); //this will go to a display later
      Serial.print(altitude, 2); //display 2 decimal places
      Serial.println(" M");
      Serial.print("Vertical Speed:" );//dito
      Serial.print(verticalSpeed, 1);
      if (verticalSpeed > 0.3) 
        {playTone(verticalSpeed); //I have added a dc beeper to my circuit, I'm currently tweaking the beeps. My ears bleed.
    delay(1000); //I'll probably change this value to 250 or so. I need it for paragliding where even small lifts count.

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