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  • Problems with I2C / SPI... Trying to adjust some settings in the TPA2016 amp by using the SFE_TPA2016D2 library. All functions return OK, but as soon as I try to start music playback, the sketch hangs. If I do not write anything to the amp, playback is AOK. I find this really weird, but have given up on this. Barely modified player.ino example file. Any tips on this?

  • Thanks for the quick and clearifying answer! :) I have already hooked my SPI device to the hardware pins, but need one for the SS line and was running out of outputs. Seems I will need to drop some other function of my project then. Thanks again!

  • Can the analog pins on the LilyPad MP3 be addressed as outputs by the numbers above the digital ones? Ie. A0 = 14, A1 = 15 ... A7 = 21 ?

    I have successfully switched a LED attached to A1 by calling digitalWrite(A1, HIGH), but do not have the same test opportunity on A6 and A7. I have attached a SPI device with its SS and RST to A6 and A7, and the library I try to use treats pins as integers - thus the need for addressing the analog pins by numbers instead of A0 etc.

    As for now I have not made contact with the SPI-device, and wanted to be sure I am addressing the pins correctly.

  • The schematic for the pcb shows "left" and "right" being connected to pin A6 and A7 on the ATMega328. Are these the analog audio out pins being fed into ADC's on the mcu? Can anyone explain the purpose of this? Could I just cut these traces to utilize the pins for something else?

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