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  • Trying to get this motor to work with a "L293D Motor Drive Shield" the shield is capable of handling 600mA per coil, this motor according to the data here takes 400mA (presumable per coil) so should be good there. However the data sheet here does not relay explain the pin outs only coil A and coil B but not which wires are which coil, the truth table is also a bit confusing, I am a programmer and i cant read it. i tried to do my own truth table and it seems to confirm my guess that yellow and orange is one coil, and brown and black is another coil,. however I am also showing connectivity/resistance between orange and brown,.. that should not happen correct?

    when i hook it up in what should be (as far as i can tell) the correct pin out, (Yellow/Orange as coil B) and (Brown/Black as coil A). and setting full rotation to 48 (360/7.5=48) then tell the motor to do one full rotation (48 pulses) (speed 10). All i get is a quarter rotation and a Hbridge chip that's getting way to hot very quickly,...

    Running off of fully charged 11.1v 500mAh (10C) lipo pack w/Arduino USB powered, Power jumper from Arduino disconnected.

    Any idea of what I am doing wrong? Thanks

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