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  • Yay! Free day stuff just hit Italy! Thanks Sparkies!

  • But it was not 5 servers for 1100 orders in two hours. It was 5 servers for 70.000 orders in ONE SECOND! This was not an e-commerce environment, was a DoS attack! I absolutely respect your knowledge about e-commerce systems management, which I do not have, but what happened really does not seems strange to me. Requests were NOT scattered in time, they were concurrent! Not a "normal" e-commerce site, and not even near to a "heavy load" e-commerce situation.. this was a completely different beast!

  • aww, c'mon! under normal conditions, which is your ping time to SparkFun? And mine? So, is it a question of "slow TCP packets" and bandwidth, or problem was nearly-dead servers? You need bandwidth when you have to transfer BIG amount of data (Mb or Gb), but for such a similar task (hitting a SUBMIT button and sending crypted credit card data) a few Kb are enough... matter of seconds, anywhere you are located in the world. Lines and bandwidth is not a bottleneck in these cases, unless you are still on a 38Kbps Zyxel modem.
    This said, I would like too to have a look to geographic distribution of winners (I am one, from Italy, me just lucky today (I am not, usually :) )).

  • nope. I got the stuff and I am in Italy. Pure Luck. Under those conditions, if a server answers you or not is Pure Luck.

  • ha! we did the SAME comment at the same time! Absolutely agree! and BTW: One can have fiber and T1's, but if on the other side the servers are under such a load... "you can seek forever on an empty disk", someone once said.

  • well, you all disappointed people really believed it would have been like hitting the google homepage? it was OBVIOUS that SF servers would have been under nearly DoS-attack conditions... IMHO it was part of the game. Just Luck. This people gave away 100.000 bucks of free stuff in less than 2 hours and deserve respect. I already was a SF customer and I will be again and again. THX SPARKS! YOU RULEZ!

  • Hi Nate, did you have some time to try it out? does it work?

  • Hi, one thing is not clear to me: is this a replacement also for an FTDI Basic Breakout board? if I deploy a prototype with an Arduino Pro and one of these, will I be able to patch the software later via Bluetooth or I will have to open it and connect the FTDI again?
    also: I have a Pro Mini; is this OK also for that model or just for "normal" Pro and Lilypad? Thx!

  • Ok. Now look at my homepage:
    and PLEASE let us have also equilateral triangle ones! :) I BADLY need them!!! :)

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