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  • I dig this week’s music more than usual…

  • You might have better luck with just having a couple in series then boosting. This guy looks pretty capable http://www.amazon.com/RioRand-Adjustable-Regulated-Converter-Voltmeter/dp/B00HVCWGNE/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1420407549&sr=8-11&keywords=boost+converter

  • On the manufacturer website (Pololu), it says that stall current is 5A, not 0.5A … is this a specs error or am I looking at completely different gearmotors (although they appear identical otherwise) http://www.pololu.com/category/116/37d-mm-gearmotors

  • My multimeter measured 6.5 amps output on this guy - and there was a mysterious buzz coming from it. Anyone else observed this?

  • IC you…. and I brought you chocolate.

  • I’m having some accuraccy issues. The latitude measurement is off by about 0.02 minutes. Although this is not very wide of a margin, it may not be suitable for some of the applications I had in mind. Has anyone else faced this issue? (EDIT: other weird things are happening now. I left it for about an hour without moving it. At the beginning of that hour, the minutes measurement was 0.0068 less than it is now. Can anyone else relate?)

  • Anyone know when these will actually get back in stock? The back-in-stock estimate has moved ahead 4 times since I ordered it.

  • No animals were harmed in the making of this post. (we think)

  • If I ever need cash quick, I’ll just put a patent on yellow bananas

  • A multimeter is a multimeter, no matter what color.

    fluke didn’t invent multimeters, so why are people accusing sparkfun’s version of being a knockoff? I’ve seen a billion multimeters that look exactly like this, and the sparkfun models don’t seem to be ripping off any unique features that fluke multimeters have. And, of all things for a company to own, a color!? Colors belong to nature.

    sparkfun better watch out for patents on black integrated circuits (or at least that’s how it feels)

    How about sparkfun paints all the illegal multimeters red!! Then everyone would be happy! Yeah!