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  • Did you guys fix the issue where one motor is faster than the other?

  • I used this as a heating system for my club’s weather balloon. Failed mid-flight and my sensors failed about an hour in. 0/10 would not recommend for aerial vehicles.

  • I’ve never told anyone this, but your username always reminds me of October 14, 2009, the time i visited an old truck stop diner in Oregon. I asked the waitress for the best milkshake the cook could make. After what seemed like an eternity, a man dressed in yellow walks out of the kitchen holding a platter with a lid. He sets the platter on the table and very carefully removes the lid, revealing the beautiful milkshake that was cowering in fear below it, as if the cook gave it a beating before serving it to me. I am so fascinated by its majesty that I almost didn’t notice him start to talk. “I call it… the Brennen,” he says in a soft, hushed voice, as if he was trying to not wake a sleeping baby. And without saying another word, he swiftly and confidently walks away with such grace that would make a ballerina look like a hobo.

    You are the milkshake Brennen. YOU ARE THE MILKSHAKE. I am the yellow ballerina. Let us dance and hunt and howl at the moon until the sun once again rises. That is what we do Milkshake, that is what we do.


    NOW… it is perfect

  • Little did he know that this simple, seemingly innocuous act would result in his emminent death.

  • just wanted to let you know your beard is alive

    It watches us.

  • A4 and A5 are the i2c pins, so you cant really change them. sorry.

  • no, its just the time until the plutonium 239 inside the chip reaches it’s half-life

  • how is that camera case going?

  • I like your beard