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  • I found a reliable solution to using interrupts with the micro. For others that aren’t programmers (like myself), see my forum thread below:

    I used C code to get the job done, but it works. This should enable access to all 5 the external interrupts. Chapter 11 of the datasheet was also very helpful, although didn’t have any examples. I didn’t explore it any further, but there is also 8 pin change interrupts available on the chip through C code.

  • So if I wanted to pair this with my phone and make a wireless headphone jack (for plugging into a home stereo), would I need to use a pre-amp between the module and the 3.5mm headphone jack?

    If not, would hooking a set of headphones directly to this module damage it?

  • My $0.02:

    I couldn’t get the nano to work correctly with my PC for my life. I must have sat there for 6 hours over a few days trying different drivers, reloading the bootloader, etc. I plugged this guy in, worked first try.

    A lot of people here have complained about the microUSB breaking off, but I haven’t had that happen with mine yet over the course of a few weeks. Others may have just gotten a bad batch.

    Take note of the upgraded firmware, it saved my ass more than once. I was trying to use timer interrupts and learned the hard way that the ATmega16U2 timers are different than the 32u4. I uploaded a timer interrupt example using timer2, and it became unresponsive (TX LED stuck on). I ended up having to use the double tap reset, load a blank sketch onto it, then reload another program to get it out of “brick"state. If anybody else has this issue:

    1. Connect the Pro Micro to your PC. Sometimes I would get a “USB not functioning properly” and others it would show up as a COM port.
    2. Double tap reset. When it’s connected as a COM port in bootloader mode, select that COM port in the Arduino IDR.
    3. Write a blank sketch, hit upload, then immediately double tap reset. You should see the TX and RX LEDs blink, and you’ll get an error saying something along the lines of “COM port already in use”. Disconnect the board and close the IDR. Now you should be able to upload code again.

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