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  • Hello, and thanks for these tutorials. I finished this fun project and enjoyed watching the LED blink. So I started poking around in the C file and found the timing where the 3 pins are on for 500 ms and off 500 ms. So I started changing these numbers, on 800 ms, off 200, then on 200 ms and off 800. Once I realized how to use PN, this worked fine. The steps are to save all, then Make Clean, Make All, and Program. This works great. But now I have encountered a behavior of the chip that I am curious about. When the parallel connector is plugged in to both the computer and the board, the LED blinks like it is supposed to, 500 ms on and 500 ms off. BUT, when I unplug the connector from the computer, it seems to revert back to one of the programs I was playing with, and the LED blinks at approx. 200 ms on and 800 ms off. So, it seems there are two programs that will run, one when the board is connected to the computer and one when it is not. I assume the 200/800 program is the one stored on the chip and the 500/500 program is stored either also on the chip or somewhere else, such as in the computer? I don't understand this. Is the problem that I haven't completely erased the old program from the chip? Is there a method for doing that? Thanks.

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