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  • Product SEN-10586 | last year

    Hi, is possible to reset the board, by an external pin? for example, sending a low signal, using GPIO output from another board, to pin 5 (RST) of ISP programming header.

  • Product SEN-10586 | about a year ago

    Thank you very much for your attention, I have been very helpful !!!

  • Product SEN-10586 | about a year ago

    Thanks for your reply. I have some more questions: is possible to retrieve information on request? ie, send a command xxx and receive response without using the function of sending readings every x time. If possible, as is done?. Regarding running time, how long it would last with a 5V battery and 2100 mAh? Would not it be better to use a solar panel with the features needed in this case? Know anyone that fits these characteristics and where to buy?.

  • Product SEN-10586 | about a year ago


    I am interested in use USB Weather Board SEN-10586 with LPC1769 by UART connection. Is possible to put this board in sleep mode (reconnect sending characters or other system)? Have a detailed manual for configuration and operation ?. I need more information to connect and operate … Thanks.

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