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  • Another option

    coming from China, but the price is right.

    edit: Got one of these and it is awesome.

    up to 4A, 1.5-30v out.

    5-35v in.

    current adjustable.

    no detectable heat at 5v, 1A

  • My math comes out to 25, 33 and 24 ohms for 5, 3.3 and 12 volts respectively, which is even better.
    If only there was some magical way to search for info like this, perhaps using a series of tubes.

  • I have one of these with a 15ohm 5w on +5, 7.5ohm 5w on +3.3 and 15ohm 25w on +12v and it works, but the 12v resistor got hot as the bejeezus belt. I removed it and my ps (Enermax EG-365) still comes on, but the 3.3 supply is only 2.8v. I intend to use this mainly for high current 12 volt situations (charging li-polys) so it won’t be a factor there.

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