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  • Tell me if this is a stupid idea.

    Looks like the horizontal scanning is at 15KHz. So if we assume 728 pixels, then I think the video signal would be something like 10MHz. Could I sample signal at 20MHz and reliably reproduce this signal later through a D/A? I realize this will use a lot of space as there would be no compression. But I only want to record say 10 minutes at a time.

    Is this the right frequency? What resolution do I need to capture and regenerate a video signal? I dont htink an arduino can do this speed, but an ARM based one perhaps could. Or just a chip alone without arduino overhead.

    Thoughts? Stupid?

  • Minor gripe:
    Still think the data sheet should be more technical. Here is another example of why.
    There should be a spec on what error tolerance the device has on baud rate. I found the with my chip, at my speed, the error for generating a baud rate of 155200 is 3.7%. This made it so that it worked fine when sending text to a PC or most other devices. But apparently the logomatic can not handle this amount of error.
    Moving to 57600 bps, fixed everything.

  • One more thing. Mechanical drawings of the board....other than eagle files. Would be nice. Something that pin points the location of the LEDs

  • Please make a proper data sheet for this device. It should include maximum and minimum voltages for Vin, Rx,the analog channels, and basically every other pins on the board.
    Somewhere you should also spec out exactly what connector that is for the battery.
    The switch that connects and disconnects the battery has 6 terminals on it, while the schematic only shows 3.
    I need this info because I need to power it with an unconventional battery, and I need to pull off all the switches from the board and mount them externally. This information would have made my life a lot easier.
    Other than that...well yay! Very good device.

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