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  • I finished building this generator a couple of days ago. The build was easy and fun. This product is a good solution for anyone who wants to own a simple signal generator. Word of caution to beginners: the spacing between many of the pins, especially the button switches, is tight. Use a bright light and a magnifying glass to check for solder bridges. That being said, I would recommend it to someone with limited soldering skills. Just make sure you have a good iron and thin solder.

    Follow the building instructions that come with the package. Going to the manufacturer's web site provides some enlightenment, but their instructions are for another model. I did make one minor alteration when I installed the BNC connector (step 10). I did not cut the wing off the spring. Instead, I bent it at a right angle and soldered a 22AWG jumper between it and the board.

    Thanks, Sparkfun, for carrying this product.

  • My iron has nothing to tell me the temperature, neither does it have a precise control. Maybe someday I can get a better station. Thanks.

  • What am I doing wrong with this solder? I used it to solder a header onto a breakout board. The solder did not flow well, and it seemed to frost a lot. I have no problems with the 63/37 mix.

  • Thanks, Kamiquasi.

    On the last page of this topic a file was available for download. It has the original firmware hex files. I'm not sure if I will reinstall them or not. I hope the BenF firmware will be updated.

    I will definitely not try a hardware hack.

  • ALERT!

    Before you install the BenF Firmware upgrade take a good look at your Nano. Does it have a slot for the SD card? If not, your Nano depends on internal memory to flash images and XML files. BenF Firmware version 3.64 does not address or recognize this internal memory. You will not be able to save screen images or XML files for download.

    Everything else works on the BenF Firmware, and it is an excellent piece of software, but you will lose the ability to save images and files. If you want to save files and images, consider keeping the firmware that came with the Nano.

    I hope that future upgrades to BenF firmware will fix this issue.

  • So far I have not been able to save either an image or an XML file. A message saying "NO CARD" appears in the lower right corner of the display. Maybe this issue can be fixed with future software updates - I hope so.

  • I just received my Nano V3 today. After installing the BenF firmware it seems to work without any problems. My Nano does not have a slot for the SD card. Why is that, and what am I missing without it? Yes, I have looked everywhere.

  • Thank you very much! Your tip made the upgrade a snap. I followed it word for word and it worked flawlessly.

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