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  • Hi guys! I'm trying to find out some pins to work with... they are the SS/SCK/MOSI/MISO which according to the schematic (if its correct my interpretation...) are: SS -> D14 /RX LED SCK-> D15 MOSI -> D16 MISO ->D17 but if I look at the Hardware Overview, I get that MISO ->D14, so SCK/MOSI seems to be univocally identify, but I still got two pins that are missing. What happens with SS and MISO pins? Should I identify MISO as D14 and SS as RX LED? In the latter case, How could I modify the circuit to get a Pin from the RX LED? and how can I call that "new" pin from my sketch program? Thanks in advance for any clarification! Cheers, Rene

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