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  • So I assume the interface one this chip is basically 3-wire bi-directional SPI, but minus the Slave-Select pin? Has anyone had any luck hooking a chip with this interface up to a SPI bus with multiple slaves? Or do I need to implement a SPI master for each chip I want to use? (what a waste of uC resources!)

  • Oh, man! I have a collection of dozens of these hacks! Plus I’ve been buying up a bunch of old optical mice and documenting their innards. I’ll post some links on your page.

    My best find so far (that I found last night, actually) - some people are using an ADNS-3080 to measure movement on model airplanes. That chips has it all: 30x30 sensor, up to 6400 ‘fps’, full 4-wire SPI interface, doesn’t need a resonator, Python scripts exist to grab and display the visual data). Their break-out board comes with a long-focus lens (but no LED). Perfect!

    http://store.3drobotics.com/products/optical-flow-sensor (These guys haven’t had it in a while, but if you search for ‘ADNS-3080’ on eBay, there are dozens of Chinese knock-offs for ~$20-30).

    The ADNS-2620 is fine if you don’t need all of that firepower, but, yeah, you’re going to need to source a resonator, an LED of the correct color/intensity, and a focusing lens. (I’ve got bunches of these just from going to Goodwill and buying up $2-3 optical mice. I have a whole (filthy) collection!)

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