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  • Yeah, the US patent system is in shambles. I'm going through one right now (for a music notation, not hardware or software), and you can't even text-search them prior to like 1975. There's no unified way to represent or name things, so searching software or even electrical circuit patents is a nightmare. Compared to science and engineering, patenting is so backwards. A compiler can tell if I worded everything correctly in minutes, and some automated tests can tell me if it actually works. Then you fix. it's similar to the scientific / engineering process of guess and test and fix. But with patents, you write everything, then it sits on a shelf for 1.5 years. Then an examiner gives an opinion. And if you made a mistake, it's over; no do-overs. But you don't know if it really holds up until you fight it in a court battle, and then again on appeal and win. And, lol I used to live on the north side of Dallas, where that bad district is with the judge who helps that big patent trolling organization, and there was an Apple store on my side of town, and Apple closed it so that they had no operations in the district where that company is. This is why we can't have nice things. But I feel for you; because as someone desperately trying to make it in a start up business, a patent attorney can suck your funds dry real fast. I have to be very careful what I engage mine to do.

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