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  • Or holes like this board would be great... https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8813 ... The extra 2 holes on each pad are great for 32 AWG wire. The large pads are also great for SMD.

  • Even if a pin does come out, it's easily reusable by itself or back with the group.

  • They also mate very well with ICs. I actually use these very heavily in place of standard DIP sockets. The price is far more expensive, but the benefit is worth it in my opinion. Sockets tend to be crowded underneath which prevents adding any parts under the IC. Using these, I'm able to use Parallax Propeller chips with the crystal and EEPROM all under the chip itself with room for more -- very nice way to save space on a board. It's even possible to put the programming pins that connect to the PropPlug under the chip if you use 90 degree angled headers (you'd need to have the edge of the chip near the edge of the board to get to it).

  • From working with a balloon group in my area, I've always heard that modules cut out based on both speed and altitude. Also, some cut out based on speed AND altitude whereas some cut out on speed OR altitude. For ballooning, the former is preferred obviously. More information regarding this would be useful.

  • This really does make me want to rethink my career choice though. I could've made a lot of money being a google-jockey and procuring parts for the gov all this time...

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