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  • Product DEV-12646 | about 5 months ago

    How does it compare with Atmel-based Arduinos on the power consumption?

  • Product DEV-09716 | about 11 months ago

    Actually, CTS must be pulled low, or else the chip can stop transmitting, as per the hardware flow control. So the connection diagram looks to me more like this:

      FTDI Basic | Arduino
      DTR ---------- Reset
      TXO ---------- RXI
      RXI ---------- TXO
      3V3 ---------- +5V (it's mislabeled; only 3.3V when you flip the solder switch from default 5V)
      CTS ---------- GND (pull low) 
      GND ---------- GND
  • Product PRT-00731 | about 11 months ago

    Even worse man, I’ve got two of these and they measure 5.7×11.3×27, wtf…

    *Edit: alright, the product description got it right, but the cell datasheet is contradictory to it.

  • Product PRT-11037 | last year


    As a strong metric proponent living in Europe, I disapprove that.

  • Product TOL-08967 | last year

    Not shown on the photos, but the pen has hard porous tip, with very usable push-doser and holder. It’s so cool, I like it.

  • Product COM-11493 | last year

    Why is this $1 less than the other colors?

  • Product COM-10969 | last year

    Is there an SMD version?

  • Product PRT-08376 | last year

    Heck, if it’d be possible to place a “like” on this product, I’d do that. Awesome little kit. I’ve enjoyed soldering it very much, also worked OK from the first power-on. Yummy!

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