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  • Mind to demonstrate how is this possible? The datasheet says right at the title “8-Bit Serial-In, Parallel-Out Shift”.

  • How does it compare with Atmel-based Arduinos on the power consumption?

  • Actually, CTS must be pulled low, or else the chip can stop transmitting, as per the hardware flow control. So the connection diagram looks to me more like this:

      FTDI Basic | Arduino
      DTR ---------- Reset
      TXO ---------- RXI
      RXI ---------- TXO
      3V3 ---------- +5V (it's mislabeled; only 3.3V when you flip the solder switch from default 5V)
      CTS ---------- GND (pull low) 
      GND ---------- GND
  • Even worse man, I’ve got two of these and they measure 5.7×11.3×27, wtf…

    *Edit: alright, the product description got it right, but the cell datasheet is contradictory to it.

  • ಠ_ಠ

    As a strong metric proponent living in Europe, I disapprove that.

  • Not shown on the photos, but the pen has hard porous tip, with very usable push-doser and holder. It’s so cool, I like it.

  • Why is this $1 less than the other colors?

  • Is there an SMD version?

  • Heck, if it’d be possible to place a “like” on this product, I’d do that. Awesome little kit. I’ve enjoyed soldering it very much, also worked OK from the first power-on. Yummy!

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