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  • How does this work without using CTS and RTS handshaking?

  • I see that this optiboot bootloader seems to be for the Uno. Will this also work for a circuit like in Virgil_Disgr4ce's comment below? His circuit is close to a Lilypad or Pro-Mini. I also noted in the Optiboot "Change Info", above, that there was some concern about programming baud rate. Has this been addessed? I built a similar circuit using the 16MHz resonator instead of the crystal and will use your 5V FTDI Basic Breakout for programming. Will this ATmega328P with Optiboot work in my project, or, what do I have to do to make it work? Thanks.

  • From the Arduino IDE, what programmer to you choose?

  • Question - Does the microSD card programmed with a distro or is it empty?

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