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  • If you get in touch with littleBits about their board, they'll put you on a list to get new ones sent out. There have been some manufacturing issues that caused some boards to basically just pop the bits off of them.

  • Is there any chance you can create an online version of the SIK guide, similar to what you've done with the Digital Sandbox? I find it a lot easier to have that up for students since they can zoom in and don't have to worry about the binding closing the guide accidentally.

  • Woohoo! Will it be a full set of 20 or can we buy individual kits like the SIK? I need a set of 6 for my classroom and would love to have them for the beginning of the school year.

  • Looks great! Will this be combined with the add-on pack and a case for educators?

  • That acting cracks me up every time I watch it! She'll be glad to hear that the humor was appreciated. (her teacher)