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  • for those interested, I have two arduino scripts that i have written…. one is already listed here and uses an Arduino Mega via Serial2 and the new one has been tested on a Lilypad and an Uno. The difference between the two is that I am using SoftwareSerial on non-mega boards to communicate with the sensor

    Mega - SoftwareSerial -

    • pictures of the connections will be coming soon to the second one, and note that it also has a servo on it. and you can’t write 0x00 to softwareserial, it is changed to (byte)0 around line 400
  • note sure if i am the only one that couldn’t get everything consistently working using of the libraries that are available and the comments below, but i pieced together a combination of what I found in the lib and what is in the comments into a script that is working great for me. Hope this helps

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