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Research scientist, hobby roboticist and costumer/wearable artist living in the SF Bay Area

  • After working at this a bit, I realized the odds of my successfully soldering leads to the unused digital IO pins was pretty much zero.

    I did, however, realize that there were two more analog pins that aren't brought out, so I could use one of those for my randomseed call, and that the LED on the board for digital pin 13 has a very nice large solder pad available.

    This means you can actually get 10 digital signals out, if you use digitalWrite on the A2,A3,A4,A5 outputs, and solder a lead to the pin 13 LED pad nearest the processor.

  • I've just finished a small project with this and really like the result. I especially appreciated the integrated charging circuit and micro-usb, as the project was being sewn into and onto a silk necktie. That is the reason I chose this board over one of the other LilyPad Arduinos.

    I do wish, however, that I had access to a few more digital IO lines. I could not quite tell from the photos if there were traces in the circuit board that bring any of those lines out but don't extend to the edge of the card? If there are, I have the skills and tools to solder leads; I just don't want to try to solder directly to legs of the processor itself.

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