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  • Ok, so basically, if I want a screen that update a graphic ( a little like the task manager show CPU resources ) , this component is not the good one ?

    The more I read about it, the more it seem only good to use with the workshop tool that ( if I could use it) could only do very limited kind of interface ?

    What screen could I REALLY control using my Arduino ? ( I mean, pixel by pixel, really ), and without any breakthrough board or shield ?

  • They think you want to use a windows-only software in order to be able to use their device anyway...

  • I think we have to use the ViSi Genie library now, but I just can't figure out how to configure it or connect the device. https://github.com/4dsystems/ViSi-Genie-Arduino-Library

    A solution is coming... just very slowly ;)

  • You should sell exactly this, but with resistance built-in. Would be awesome. I have having to put resistance for LED... it's a waste of breadboard.

  • Sooo, resistance is not built-in ? :(

  • When I first read other people reply, I though they were all sarcastic, and that it was maybe a stupid idea. But at 90 cents for 20 push buttons, I though I could risk 4 cents over a possible solution to an extremely annoying problem. So I took a new button, straiten the pin, and twisted them 90 degrees:

    Wow ! The button is not "clipped" in the bread board, but it doesn't tend to pop out anymore, and it improved the situation by at least 90%. That's a very smart advise.

    Big thank you Member #183815 !

  • How does it compare to a Fluke 15B or 17B ?

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