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  • For the record, since lots of people have asked this question but no one has found a direct answer...

    YES, pins D3 and D4 are available, IF you don't plan on using the MIDI components on this board. As shipped, those 2 pins are disconnected, and can be used without issue. I went ahead and bought this board, not sure if it would work, but after I wired it all up and tested it, I was happy to find that those 2 pins are available. That gives you 3 PWM pins and the extra Digital pin to work with, along with the analog input pins.

  • Can you recommend a speaker to use with this? Right now, I'm using the one of these ( for my project, but it's not nearly loud enough. I'm building a prop for a costume, and I want it to be heard in a noisy convention hall. I'm afraid if I use that smaller, 0.5W speaker, I'll blow it out with this amplifier. However, my space is severely limited in my enclosure, and I am having a hell of a time trying to find a 2" or smaller speaker at 8Ohm and 1.5W. Closest I found was this, on Amazon:

    Will that one work, or am I safe using the smaller, sparkfun speaker I originally purchased for this project?

  • I have a project I'm trying to add sound too, and this would be the perfect shield to do it, except... I need 3 PWM ports on my Arduino to power a pair of tri-color LEDs. If I'm reading the schematic on this shield correctly, it only leaves open 2 of those ports, and no others. If that's the case, I may be out of luck.

    However, looking at the connections on ports D3 and D4, it looks like they aren't connected. Is that right? I'm kind of a newbie at all this, so I'm not sure what NC stands for on these schematics. Some people say it's Normally Closed, others say Not Connected, and I honestly have no idea what the difference is. Looking at the picture of the board itself, it looks like the leads going to D3 and D4 are not connected, with a solder bridge available to close both pins, and enable those ports.... unless I'm completely mis-reading this stuff.

    So... is this possible? Can I leave ports D3 and D4 disconnected, and use them for other purposes on my Arduino? Failing that, does anyone have any tips on tying this shield together with one of the PWM shields used for adding extra ports? I should note that I'm working with an Uno rev3, and space is limited, so going to a Mega or Due isn't really an option.

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