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  • It's here: https://github.com/SparkfunTechSupport/Dimensional-diagrams/blob/master/LCD-14072/SparkFun%2016x2%20SerLCD%20dimensions%20front%20-%20back.jpg

  • Don't know if you guys are looking for feedback on these SparkX products, or if you're just having a bit of fun, but I like this chip. I don't think there are any small, SMD IR temperature sensors that replace the likes of the TMP006 that don't need a thermal relief area on the PCB, so this is a really nice replacement. Just FYI.

  • I am trying to change the address of the chip in the firmware, but can't seem to find where SparkFun defines "slave_addr". Has anyone been able to do this?

    ***UPDATE: I found where the register address is defined. It's hard-coded into a struct. Navigate to the inv_mpu.c file. Go to "const struct hw_s hw = {", line 435 in my version of the code and "const struct hw_s hw = {", line 516 of the code. The register address is stored in variable ".addr". Not sure why the original author of the library decided to hard-code this value in vs. allow the user to pass the address as a parameter (had a good reason I guess--maybe easier to manage?? -- would someone care to comment?), but that seems to be the case. Hope this helps someone else.

  • Did you ever figure this out?

  • How do you guys get over the whole danger of people thinking this is a medical device? Is the "Note" at the bottom enough? I also noticed there was no "battery-powered only" warnings.

  • What range have people been able to get with this board?

  • I'm not sure the product page here is accurate. The datasheet appears to indicate that the bandwidth of the X and Y axes are up to 1300Hz and the bandwidth of the Z axis is up to 1000Hz.

  • Anyone know how far away the object must be from the sensor to get an accurate measurement?

  • How sturdy is this on a PCB?

  • Thanks for the quick reply. By the way, I bought a few of these boards to do some prototyping for my research project. They're great! Thanks for the hardware.

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