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  • The resident Owlfreyan and his crew. They call him the Doctor, Doctor Hoo.

  • I've been using it to take my skin off easily. These micro nippers work way better than nail clippers for...ahem, nipping hang nails in the bud.

    It came to the rescue a second time when a 1cm long length strand from a coax shield braid some how completely embedded itself in my thumb's fingertip. I don't know how or when it happened, but my thumb kept getting sharp pain, but there was no visible injury. Then I noticed a tiny metallic flash, it looked like a speck of metal dust sitting on my thumb. It was far too tiny for any tweezers I could find.

    The precise movement and shape of this tool is amazing. The tip worked better than tweezers and on the first try, grabbed the dust spec and OH GOD WHAT IS THIS COMING OUT OF ME whew its out OH GOD THAT WAS IN ME. Measured just shy of the 10mm line.

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