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  • How much current can this supply for each output when connected to a 12V power supply? This looks like a nice product, but is missing a couple of key specs. It would also be nice to know the specs of the PTC.

  • I built this kit and connected it to an 18.5V laptop power supply. It sounds great and has plenty of power. I am driving a pair of salvaged Kenwood 30 Watt 6 Ohms speakers with it. Using an oscilloscope, I measured about 17Vpp and figure I am getting about 25 Watts continuous power from the amp. The heatsink gets pretty hot so I may need to put a fan on the enclosure. I like the mounting holes (wish they were standard on all boards from Sparkfun).
    The only oddity is the potentiometers. They are too short to reach a front panel because of the large heatsink. On top of that, they are linear taper potentiometers and that isn't great for a volume control you use a lot. I replaced the two potentiometers with a 100K ganged pair of audio taper potentiometers and mounted that on the front panel of the enclosure. I lost the ability to control balance, but I can always add a preamp/tone control with a balance knob if that ever bothers me.

  • I am using this with COM-08828 and had problems with the button sliding down the shaft so far that the select switch would not work. I solved the problem by putting a small wad of paper in the knob so that it could not slide all the way down, but is still secure on the shaft. <br />
    <br />
    BTW, I am using this with a parallax propeller and it works nicely with the article/code from Jon William for Nuts and Volts Magazine:<br />
    <br />
    Article:<br />
    http://www.parallax.com/Portals/0/Downloads/docs/cols/nv/prop/col/nvp6.pdf<br />
    <br />
    Code:<br />

  • This is a great idea! It is too bad these don't have a power switch. If the ATX connector was on the back and these had a power switch, these could be mounted, using standoffs, on the front of an enclosure. I like not having to modify the power supply.

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