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  • hello,

    i am attempting to cross-compile this example MMA8452Q aduino code for the raspberry pi:-

    i am getting all sorts of missing library and header errors (all of which i located in the “arduino-1.0.4” folder i downloaded). trouble is, every time i satisfy one library, i get a new error the next time.

    1) is it possibly to compile this code without the arduino compile environment (ie just a standalone linux gcc compile) ?? 2) if so, how do i satisfy the library requirements, since the needed files are scattered all over the “arduino-1.0.4” folder ?? 3) does anyone have a simple makefile or shell that i can use to satisfy the dependencies? (better yet, anyone done this for the raspberry pi???)

    sorry if this is a silly endevour-i want the code but i dont want all the arduino fluff that goes with it.



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