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  • Does it have the JTAG leads on the header so I can use OpenOCD and a gcc based toolchain with it? I have a hobby project running on ARM7TDMI I'm looking to port to Cortex M, and this looks like a good candidate... But I need access to the JTAG interface.

  • Note: the JTAG connector is unpopulated on this board, so make sure you have one on hand or add one to your order.

  • Just to clarify: use this board with 18-pin PIC16's, not PIC18. The latter will end up connecting the USART RX pin to the ICD PGM pin TX to the LED, while leaving its PGM pin floating. Jumpering pins 10 and 11 for PIC18 works to obtain ICD connectivity, but there is no RS-232E functionality without cutting a few traces and rerouting the LED.

  • Any thoughts on what I should use for a bus connector? I assume I need solder something to the pads along the edge.

  • Oops, obviously I meant to ask if you used a 3.3V Vdd also...

  • rayman: when you connected it to a 3.3V interface, did you give it a 3.3V Vss also?
    It seems to have a pair of FG/FS pins; FG is documented as frame ground. But I don't see FS documented - do I need to worry about this?
    I'm hoping to use it with a 3.3V LPC2294 via the EMC CS2.
    I'm assuming the backlight is a totally separate circuit and I can use an external DC supply for that...

  • I'd love to see a small DC-DC step up converter board with an ST L6920DB, for battery (1 or 2 AA) applications.
    Also, small project enclosures with a battery compartment for one or two AA/AAA. Say an interior space the length of an AA and 3X the width, with a door and clip for an AA. (And a groove to slide the above step-up converter into! :))

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