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  • Product SEN-10736 | last year

    Hello, This IMU samples at nearly 50Hz. I need to increase its sampling rate. I am currently operating it at 57600 Baud rate. Please help. Thanks

  • Product DEV-11589 | last year

    Hello, I got my DUE board a week ago and tried its I2C connection but it is not working and when i browsed a little and i find out its not only my problem.

    how can YOU start selling a product without verifying?Is there any solution to that problem?

  • Product SEN-11084 | last year


  • Product SEN-11084 | last year

    i would be very thankful to you if you help me out within one week.plz.

  • Product SEN-11084 | last year

    and how much this “waiting” will be?i cant replace my arduino DUE board with other ,i think i m failed.

  • Product SEN-11084 | last year

    my project deadline is coming ahead.kindly find some solution for this devil and help me out.

  • Product SEN-11084 | last year

    i am using Arduino DUE Board and the sketch available for due is not me out….

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