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  • I was just looking at this product, saw it said it was unipolar, saw Pokey's comment then refreshed the page and the Wiki link and wording was changed to Bipolar. Nice!

  • The pinouts that are labelled in the centre of the board, can I connect buttons to them and then to ground and activate the functions that are labelled? I would like to have physical buttons for some of those pins.

  • What are actual dimensions of the board? Hole placement and such? I am building a DIY CNC machine and want to possibly use this board but I need the physical specs. to actually mount and fit into my design. Also, where would the optimal fan placement be if one was to be used? Top left, top right, backside left/right?

  • I am looking at this WiFi module as my application is not supported by the ESP8266, can this module connect directly to a URL? Not just an IP address? In my project it must be able to connect to a URL

  • I love the fact that you tested it in Antarctica. FOR SCIENCE!

  • They cheated by using two cute puppies. The amount that I want that cable carrier has increased dramatically with those puppies.

  • Anyone know of where I can get an SMD version of this chip? DigiKey maybe?

  • Can I take the end off of on and the bottom off another and attach them together to extend it?

  • This is great! Presumably the knobs in the recommended section fit onto this switch? (The 15X19mm - COM-09998).

  • Can these boards be easily cut? Obviously cutting parallel to the traces. So I could use them as smaller boards for projects. Is there really an easy way to cut them without just mangling them?