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  • Do you want to apply a matrix, to make, say 1-5v output read as 1 to 1000 units? or are you asking to make the sensor more sensitive? I am curious about the sensitivity. I am also wondering what the difference is between this one and its previous model.

  • So only one encoder? so one wheel is encoded?

  • -273c I doubt it, anyone ready to prove me wrong? lol, please


  • Pretty annoying that the price is so high.

    The Flir One is $100 off now. So close to $200. And thats with an additional camera, licensing and casing.

    I found with my Flir, using this lepton imager, had issues with correct spot temperature readings. It was stuck with an ambient temp of 24c, so when I took shots in an environment that was colder, I would be out by whatever the temperature difference was ++other variants. I returned the unit. Now that we have access to writing our own code, I am interested, but the price is too high imo.

  • Burned out from 2 strips -.- Annoyed. Money down the drain. First time using it.

    Apparently 2 strips was ok, guess not. "Note: We’ve found that while the inverter has no trouble powering two strands of EL wire, it can burn itself out if you attach two EL panels or strips. If you need more than one EL panel or EL tape, you may want to look at our other EL inverters."

    Any advice for fixing it? what burns out?

  • That gave me a morning chuckle. Glad I'm not the only one frying parts.

  • Also on list for breakout board :)

  • I do 3D work in animation and engineering, I find myself working on 20 man projects. I thought it was funny, nothing serious.

  • Bit of a sausage fest, do any ladies work there?

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