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  • I have that same hand coffee grinder setup for my French Press ritual. I've often thought of building a motorized top for the grinder since that handle comes off. It takes like 3 minutes to turn that sucker by hand for a single carafe of FP! But I figured the handle gives enough leverage to make the grind happen and a direct motor strong enough would be about the size of the carafe!

  • Cool, combine Arduino with Lego seamlessly. If I didn't already have a butt-load of both I'd buy one!

  • If blowing out micro-controllers is a common occurrence with you you might try watching some videos on YouTube about electronics and Arduinos. It isn't rocket-surgery and the amount of resources on the web today for noob electronics people is astounding. I've been tinkering with Arduino for 7 years and have never nuked a single component (at east not accidentally :-), much less an Arduino.

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