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  • I was just about to erase sparkfun from my list of suppliers , but then got down far enough into the comments to see you DIDN'T give them cc card #'s.

    My only question now is, if they check out all these people and they all alibi out, are they going to get the idea that they could have been bought assembled by someone either in Georgia or passing thru Georgia from someone who makes them elsewhere using sparkfun parts? What are they going to do then?

  • nonsense! a fully functional tardis will empathically change her appearance to match it's surroundings. This one obviously landed at sparkfun, so turned red upon arrival. If it can't be found anymore, look for an extra SMT pick and place machine or an object of similar size.

  • only a tardis that is bored and has allowed herself to be 'kidnapped' to get some adventure in her live makes that sound. It the sound of a tardis being used by a untrained operator who doesn't know how to release the brake.

  • whilst once revered for his legendary exploits of mayhem and plunder, after loosing one of his horns to a child at solder-palooza, Grolf was relegated to testing belly button lint for the mythical Norse ESD canceling material Mithril.

  • It scary. Congress is so far out of touch. They don't seem to understand or care that these ( potential) big campaign donors are NOT the majority voice of their constituents, just the majority for their campaign funding.

  • at least you learned that other people spell even worse than you. You can see why a character recognition program linked to a dictionary threw a lot of these words out for a second pass by a human,. Over and above the formulas which couldn't be typed in as the characters aren't on the keyboard, my favorite has to have been "ceduckshin".

  • snow IS fallout.

  • is there going to be any real time indicator on the website today showing how how much of a load is being placed on your servers?

  • moove over, I have to drop this stuff off in the conference room and then help look for the missing ferret.

  • that would be a player piano

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