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  • I recently purchased the Sparkfun "Triple Axis Magnetometer Breakout -HMC5883L" to use as an external replacement for the internal mag on my APM 2.5

    While researching setup info prior to installing the Sparkfun unit I was surprised to find very little info specific to using it as an external on an APM 2.5.

    I had assumed that it was common practice to use this board as a 3DR mag substitute and that it would be nearly identical to the 3DR board when it comes to it's setup & use.

    I'm perfectly clear and have no questions regarding the physical wiring / correct mounting of the Sparkfun board and I assume that activation & orientation setup will be accomplished through Mission Planner the same as the 3DR unit...

    I'm also aware of the advantage that this board has over the 3DR in that it comes 3.3V ready which matches the APM 2.5 I2C

    What I would like to know is:

    Will there be any code loading Or additional programming necessary with the SF Mag / APM 2.5 setup that is not necessary when installing the 3DR External Magnetometer??


    Anyone aware of feedback from others using the SparkFun Mag as an external on their APM 2.5 & If so, how is the SparkFun board working for them?

    I'm assuming that I'm just over-thinking this & the setup will actually be the same or even more straight forward than with the 3DR, but I just want to check first.

    Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer.

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