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  • hello, this module is currently working ? there is no issue with the April 6th weekno rollover ?

  • Hi, what PC scantool software's can be used with this adapter? I bought it some months ago, I want to scan my car using my laptop but I have no idea what commercial software will work with the adapter. I have attached a FTDI232 cable to usb so I think I only need the software.

  • This modules are awesome... but I miss a feature: You should have provided a pin to weld an external charge led. Is difficult to remove the onboard led, in order to weld microwires to an external led.

  • I have purchased 4 of this for an outdoor project. Will order 12 more if the product meets requirements...

  • I'm interested in the same question. Someone..?

  • Hello!!

    I have purchased 4 of this modules. I have been using in SPP mode. I have wrote a Delphi utility that catch the messages and redirect it to keyboard keystrokes. Now my question is: If this module identifies as HID mouse/Keyboard, in HID mode it will send the message as virtual keyboard..? I have tried setting in HID mode but nothing happen on the Pc as I send text.

    Has someone something similar working.? I would like to get ride off the delphi listening utility. Any clues..?

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