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  • Testing this out before putting it up and temperature is off. I expect it to be a little off but by 17 degrees F is too much. Already have an ESP8266 station running but wanted to add rain, wind etc so got this. Anyone else run into temperature being off?

  • Is this compatible with the SparkFun WiFi Shield - ESP8266? Looking to use this with ESP8266.

  • I can only seem switch tracks after the current track has ended. What is the correct method for stopping the current track and playing a new track on the fly based on the MP3 Player Example Code?

  • Anyone have any advice on how they are connecting this to an Arduino? Didn't realize it had telephone style connectors.
    Are people connecting the anemometer to the wind vand and then just cutting off the end of the cable from the wind vane?

  • "After testing, this sensor worked really well at 3.3V. You just have to linearly convert the 5V graph to 3.3V."
    Has anyone linearly calibrated this for 3.3 volts?
    How would you go about doing that?

  • JerrA's code is a good place to start, but has any used 2 sets of these to monitor a doorway. I went to know when someone enters or leaves a room.

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