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  • I am currently building a 3-axis cnc mill with sparkfun stepper motors, and I was wondering if I could drive a dual motor x-axis with just one easy driver. I would connect the two motors in parallel and run the wires to the same locations on the board. I figured if I used double the rated current to power the motors this would work. Am I correct, or should I buy another easy driver?

  • How much does this thing weigh? I was planning on making a stove and I need a strong and light enclosure.

  • I am trying to make a variable output. I have connected the negative lead to the negative output and have wired the positive to the potentiometer. My setup is the input on the outer pin and output on the center pin. I have nothing wired to the other outer pin and when i measure the voltage with a multimeter while rotating the pot, it reads as the vcc voltage. What am i doing wrong?

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