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  • It looks like SparkFun just picked my my absolute favorite Pi4 case on the market. I've been using this particular case for a few months now, and it has absolutely delivered on everything I wanted. The fan plus top metal of the case works as an amazing cooling solution (to the point that the fan nearly never even needs to run with all the heat dissipated by the case,) the ease of slapping in an m.2 sata drive and booting up has increased my boot speeds as much as it has my happiness.

    It's well built, sturdily made, and looks absolutely slick. The dust cover (magnetic!) for the GPIO ports is way cool, and makes it feel like your Pi is always ready to tinker if you want, or to look like a micro pc if you don't.

    I can't recommend more for the price!

  • Datasheet says that it's 1Hz NMEA-0183 Ver 3.01 via a 9.6K baud serial. NEMA 0183 is an ASCII plaintext protocol that you can find the specifics of by googling around. Here's a wikipeida article on the protocol: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NMEA_0183 , and the data sheet goes into the protocol some as well. The datasheet also specifies that TX is UART Serial Data Output, so I'm led to believe that it's wired properly.

    The datasheet also does specify that: "NMEA Output Messages: the module board outputs the following messages..." listing GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, RMC and VTG. So without input, it should be sending at least those messages.

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