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  • How would you use this package? Does it only work with reflow?

  • @ Scott
    It is a little humorous how they have water sprinklers in a power facility. It would seem that would only make it worse.

  • Many of these scraps still work fine. I received many lillypad boards in red instead of purple that still work. Killer price.
    Does sparkfun make these or is it outsourced to china or an other pcb manufacture?

  • The new XBEE’s are amazing!
    I like the 900 more than the 900 XCS because of the data rate.

  • error: the uploaded avatar file must be a JPEG image - your avatar has not changed.
    JPEG only? How about some PNG in there (: .

  • This seems very similar to the scroll ball in the mighty mouse that clogs all the time.
    Does this one clog?

  • It works but my battery got stuck in the socket and broke it of.
    Great charger though.

  • Now it is perfect!
    Thanks for taking my advice.
    I love the addition of the PCB at the top of the page.

  • This board is perfect for thousands of super small applications. With the help of some right angle pins it mates perfectly with the lily pad USB link. An other plus is how thin this board is. You could make it into a really cool flat thing that blinks or a really small robot that fits in your pocket. I personally bought it to make a robot and I’d say you should give this board a try.

  • I ordered this battery it it is good at doing what it does.
    My only concern is that the jst connector was ruined when I connected it to the li-po charger. Also it was a bit scratched up when It arrived.
    Overall it is a great buy.

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