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  • ...all you need is the S.H.O.V.E.L. The faboulus Sparkfun spork

  • That is correct Mighty Sparrow. One can not change filament, because the Heatbreak is drilled for the specific size of either 1.75mm or 3.mm.

    Explanation images: http://youblob.com/sites/default/files/tmp/heatbreak.jpg http://youblob.com/sites/default/files/tmp/half_HB_with_filament.jpg The smallest part on the left, is what's screwed? in to the aluminium heatblock. I'm not familiar with the Flexystruder ...yet, but it should be swappable. (Just unscrew the 3mm one and replace it for 1.75mm)

  • Please clear cache and restart service. We got work to do and products to order, no time for troll numbers hehe

  • Aah more Cubelets, I love those. Thanks for adding separate pieces, as these have been sorely missed. The starter kit gets a bit boring after 15-30 minutes with fiddling without any more expansion options.

  • Heat up some water in a bowl in the microwave. Take bowl out of microwave. Put Light Pipe in bowl with hot water. Wait 1 or 2 minutes. Remove Light Pipe from hot water. Bend it, stretch it, twist it, curl it, anyway you want it... That's what I would try at least (haven't tested it yet)

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