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  • No specific reason, just because the connections were easier for me. You could use CS->DigitalPin4 and keep it like that in the code, that pin varies from shield to shield, in the Sparkfun's SD Shield it is Digital pin 8. In the case of the Breakout board you have the choice to choose this pin. The CS goes to the SS (Slave Select Pin), this specifies to which device the SPI bus is going to talk, in case you have several SPI devices.

  • Hello, thanks I have corrected that there was no C0. Hope this helps =)

  • I have used this breakout board successfully with an Arduino UNO, the RedBoard, Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V and 5V, for the Arduino UNO, RedBoard and proMini 5V, I recommend using a LogicLevel Converter found here at Sparkfun. The connections are:

    VCC -> 3.3V (With the ProMini 5V you'll need a 3.3V Regulator)
    CS --> Digital Pin 10(CS) (UNO, RedBoard and ProMini 5V use logic level converter)
    DI --> Digital Pin 11(MOSI) (UNO, RedBoard and ProMini 5V use logic level converter)
    D0 --> Digital Pin 12(MISO) (UNO, RedBoard and ProMini 5V use logic level converter)
    SCK -> Digital Pin 13(CLK) (UNO, RedBoard and ProMini 5V use logic level converter)
    GND -> GND
    CD --> GND (This connection comes built in)

    Once you have this connections, you can open up in Arduino File>>Examples>>SD, you need to switch CS--> pin 4 to CS-->pin 10 in the code, the comments highlight this. The CS goes to the SS pin ( Slave Select) you can specify other Digital pin for this (You could use the Digital Pin 4 for this if you like), though I only tried it with Digital Pin 10 that is why I reported this connection.

    For me it is more elegant than a shield.

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