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  • I have a tested library that i designed. with examples https://github.com/ruralguru/ERW_CD74HC4067

  • Just an FYI i bought some digital pots for audio. if your like me and want push button functionality you want a scale to go with this. using the wiper resistance i found dbGainMin to be~ -40db. now I get why digital audio seems to use a 40 digit scale, 1 per -db. the important thing is i cranked out the equation for software audio using db to voltage gain eq., voltage divider.This is assuming optimal settings for a 10K.(at low volumes the steps size of 1 is larger than the accuracy of an 8 bit version, not sure which this is. i get a percent precision around .39%) Rwb(%)=100%*10db/20

    hope this helps others. Please check my math. I haven’t made near enough mistakes to be an expert. I chose to use a count from 0-40 so i included a - in the eq.

  • Something doesn’t add up. Either it is the comment or the action. Line 25: “SPI.transfer(0x60); //60= disable Oscillator and Battery SQ wave @1hz, temp compensation, Alarms disabled”

    Why are we disabling all these things. Is that permanent. also is there any using them?

  • Just got this with the audio jack. Plan to use this just after the RN52 breakout(bluetooth audio) to add an aux port. Any comments as to if this is a bad idea?

  • can we get an example with the xbee style wifly(RN171)?

  • ur rx and tx are both 5v on the board im guessing and the wifly needs 3.3 commsignals etc.

  • I am wanting to control the KIT-09612 with my arduino and do some cool stuff. Would it be possible to use this as the interface?

  • I am the Director of the Fort Hays State University Makerspace. We are almost done doing a dancing light show with 14 mini Christmas trees, one for each band. I would say the code to run this is a 4 or 5 out of 10 for simplicity. The only complications are the arrays and the digital controlled chip. This is a great backbone for our holiday light show and works great. Now to add an MP3 shield.I would suggest this project for others!

  • the voltage is stamped on the sheathing as 300V

  • I am unsure of the specifics of this setup. I see 20-30 mA as the current and 5 V as the voltage. Can anybody give me any information as per the voltage and current so that i can properly use it