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  • I am the Director of the Fort Hays State University Makerspace. We are almost done doing a dancing light show with 14 mini Christmas trees, one for each band. I would say the code to run this is a 4 or 5 out of 10 for simplicity. The only complications are the arrays and the digital controlled chip. This is a great backbone for our holiday light show and works great. Now to add an MP3 shield.I would suggest this project for others!

  • the voltage is stamped on the sheathing as 300V

  • I am unsure of the specifics of this setup. I see 20-30 mA as the current and 5 V as the voltage. Can anybody give me any information as per the voltage and current so that i can properly use it

  • I am using an Arduino Mega. When i upload the basic code it reads out “MMA8452 Basic Example” then nothing else.

  • Here at sparkfun, the dark side’s got nothin.

  • TOL-1071 had a comment that it will work as a replacement tip is this true?

  • so after buying a radio shack mid range model my only question is… Replacement tips? I will order one and 2 tips if they are available. please respond before Friday 5 pm. i looked but i don’t see.

  • is there any arduino fio wifly project examples out there to start looking at

  • Also in working with it we tried to use “Binary command set” which as it turns out has little to do with this product, yall might notate it better that the “Venus datasheet” is the documentation with relevent data like field list etc for THIS product, was a little vague.

  • Myself and the above member are in a HAB research group. We used your GPS and it failed to activate at 60,000 ft (18288m)So something is wonky, also I have found several posts about it cutting out on HAB projects at 18,000 m. My question is for one 1. How do we test it to see verify that it will work at 18,000m. 2. If not how do we set it up so that it WILL. 515 m/s is like 1100mph & we didnt break the sound barrier. any help would be much appriciated.