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  • One odd thing about the tag numbers and the coding, the tags are decimal bytes put together as a string. They are not the decimal conversion from the hex tag.

    Note: tempTag is a byte of data from this card.

    tagID += String(tempTag); This should be: tagID += String(tempTag, HEX);

    But if the dec byte is less than 16, then you don't get 0F hex for 15 decimal you get F. So when it should be 3500A254D2, you get 350A254D2.

    The fix is to check tempTag for less than 16 then add a 0 to make it a two char hex else convert as shown above.

  • Missing one thing from the field resistor guide, translating the chip resistor numbers. Most know how but if this is truly going to be a field guide then it needs this; may be on the back side?

  • how secure is the web control to this device? I what to no if this would be secure enough to be a internet device that could be connected to two office servers to connect to there power switch, reset switch, power led & hdd led?

    I have two in house servers that we need to be able to shut down when lighting storms are approaching then boot back up after they have passed. Also sometimes the servers locks up and we need to reboot them to get them back going. Note we have remote access to these systems but if it locked up or crash running the remote software and no one is at the office at 2 am, this should give us the ability to reboot them independent of the OS.

    We need to make sure it has secure access to this board so just not anyone can shut down or reset these systems.

  • Don't get me wrong I have lifted many in my time. I did work for a electronics contract manufacture for 5 years, I have used hot air smd equipment and handheld heat guns to remove and replace parts. Currently I have used ChipQuik to remove parts and use some of your tricks. Always good to see other ways of preforming smd removal and replacement.

    How about a video for tips & tricks for board design, I have designed a few then had a board manufacturer make a small batch at a fair cost.

  • Pete, I have leaned to use kapton tape around the part to protect other parts from the heat/air (no flying parts, no other parts leaving the board), only leaving the part to remove or place exposed to hot air.

    Works great and the kapton tape can be used for heat protection in projects.

    Note: on that last part removal in the video we saw a lifted pad but still attached to its trace.

  • Yep, great movie!

  • My Email is my Passport; Verify Me | Computer voice - "Verified"

  • The video link states video has been removed by user, I have also tried from the Youtube channel same message.

  • Cool now I can make my mini Stargate!

  • Rob at the end you said "the new Hakko flush cutters" well it would be very hard to flush cut with wire stripers... :)

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