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  • Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't learn about the Seek when I was looking for a thermal camera. It does appear to be pretty new.

    I'll see if I can get someone to buy a Seek to compare against a FLIR. I suspect the Seek might be fine for my needs.

  • "Turns out, we some some of their gear."

    We what some of their gear?

  • OK. I didn't even know you offered such a kit, I read about it in today's email.

    I'm beyond needing it now. I've made stencils & reflowed stuff since last summer.

    It's nice to know it's here, maybe they'll be around when I can recommend this kit.

  • You buy this and the other Simon kit, why not just offer a kit where there isn't an extra circuit board remaining? Seems wasteful.

  • Are these chips not available in DIPs any more?

  • Eh, the industrial design on the thing looks like it's designed to ape Fluke's designs very strongly. I doubt there's much an appeal to a judicial remedy can give you on this.

    Maybe ship it off to some other country, hopefully without the trademark on their books and steep import tariff? Maybe that's a tall order.

  • The tie points on this aren't as secure as I'd like them to be. I think this thing would be much easier to use if it used the wire wrap through-headers to just attach it to a breadboard. I can use a M-F USB extender cable for flexible connection to a computer.

    I don't even need the headers soldered in, throw the long head headers in the bag and I can solder it myself.

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