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  • does these work with el sequencer ? if no what is the best to use with el sequencer ?

  • this is somehow uselfull' but it doesn't satisfy me completely ... it listens for "QWERTY" to turn on and off separate channels i need to add "U" to turn all the channels at the same time and and "I" to turn them all off and "C" to make the 8 outputs blink it is urgent please

  • would you please provide arduino example codes for blinking and qwerty keyboard control for example : "D" makes the 8 out puts light "T" makes channel one blink "S" makes them turn off

  • how can i make el sequencer with arduino codes and how can i attach xbee chip for wireless control... should i soulder the pins in th square dots on the el sequencer and then attach the xbee ?

  • is there thicker wires ?

  • no and i need help would u plzz contact me at ??

  • i sent an email to asking about some stuff since u told me to ask them there but it has been two weeks and no one replied me

  • i am in a bad need for this if u could do a video it would be better because i dunno where to attach the pins and stuff like that

  • am sorry for the my questions am asking (i have a team of 8 we use el wires as suits and i need to control all of them from my computer using the xbee and sequencer ) please explain to me briefly how to do so including power sources and equipment i will need including arduino, chips, software.

  • how can i use xbee with el squencer ?