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  • So what happened to Modkit? then...? is it me? or are there a rash of people trying to make something that really is not that hard "simpler"? I've been about a while have lived thru 4GL's, code generators, Novell's flow chart based code generator... any now this "approach".
    Not saying this is "wrong"... but is it really needed? does it truly enable people to achieve much? Im not that convinced. Typically all these approaches have so many limitations, that plainly out weigh the benefits and stall thru lack of funding...
    I know 6 year olds who cheerfully pick up writing all kinds of code... without any special tools... hmmm..

  • OK thanks for your prompt reply. I will check it out. Loo forward to the "upcoming Modkit" release. Best regards

  • OK I have received mine... no pinouts labeled on PCB... :(
    URL on PCB is fine, but this item not present....
    Can someone provide a little more documentation, beyond the schematic... wasn't expecting to need to reverse engineer the PCB to workout LCD pinout etc...
    Looks promising... but...

  • Infared/thermal sensors would be nice oh and Geiger counter type device

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