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  • I bought a bunch of these for a home automation project. It seems like they are all defective, or I'm doing something horribly wrong... Basically, one of them heats up so bad that I'm confident it might catch fire or burn out. The other units all exhibit the same strange behavior. They work fine for about 6-18 hours, and then they stop. All I use them for is to send temperature sensor readings every 60 seconds, but after less than a day of usage, they all stop transmitting. The units remain on, but nothing happens. I've tested it with 3 different POE switches, including an enterprise 24 port switch and the results are always the same. There are no firewalls in place. If I unplug them and plug them back in, they all work just fine and then turn off after about 6-18 hours. Just wanted to post this in case someone else experienced the same problem or knows how to fix it.

  • We cannot get this shield to work properly. It will randomly drop calls, usually about 1-5 seconds in, but sometimes 30 seconds in. When it drops the call, the module just freezes and needs to be restarted.

    We have purchased 2 of these modules so far, hooked them up to an Arduino Uno, put in very basic code to call a number once its registered on the network and AT is ready. In both cases, the behavior is the same. The call is usually placed, but after 1-5 seconds, its dropped.

    I've tried it with ATT and T-Mobile. I've tried it with connect to USB, and with its own power supply (5V 2.4A). Nothing seems to work and like I said, this behavior is identical on both of the units.

    Has anyone experienced this?

  • Is this El wire or El Wire tape water proof? I need to have one of these submerged in water, or at least within a close proximity to water. The water is plain tap water.

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